The Journal “Fisheries Science of Ukraine” publishes experimental and review articles on various aspects of fisheries science, which have not been published before and are not considered for publication in other journals, have essential scientific, theoretical and practical value and are a result of original studies. The Journal also publishes materials on personalia (jubilees and chronicles) and information on the activities of the Institute of Fisheries.

The article should be reasoned and properly prepared. The Journal “Fisheries Science of Ukraine” is not a tool for publications of patents, inventor certificates, inventions, other objects of intellectual property, idea propositions and notes, popular science articles, etc. The decision on the publication is taken after a reviewing procedure taking into account the scientific importance and relevance of presented materials. The articles in the Journal are published in Ukrainian and English.

The acceptance of the articles takes place in following periods:
Number 1 - before January, 31;
Number 2 - before April, 30;
Number 3 - before July, 31;
Number 4 - before October, 31.